"Budhakhol" The Fantabulous Tourist Destination in Odisha

Odisha is a land of natural beauties, here plenty of beautiful tourist destinations are present which draws tourists attention. One of the very attractive spot is Budhakhol that is located in Buguda block of Ganjam district of the state Odisha. Budhakhol is a famous heritage site to which thousands of tourists visit every day to explore it. The surrounding, beautiful trees, forests, caves, temples and the perennial waterfall of this heavenly destination creates a perfect environment for tourists to get a pleasure-full tour experience at this stunning place.

How To Reach Budhakhol is an easy and safe way?

The exotic tourist spot Budhakholis located about 92 km away from the district headquarters of Ganjam district. To reach this place you can use bus and train services. From Odisha's capital city Bhubaneswar you need to travel first Ganjam district main bus stand or railway station, then from that to Buguda blog and then your destination comes out. Also car or auto services are easily available in Ganjam district you can rent a personal vehicle or use public transportation according to your choice and requirement.

Important Reasons to Book a Budhakhol Tour Package

Badhesvara that menace 'Buddha in meditating position', from this term this place Budhakhol gets its name. According to historical evidences both Buddha and Huentsang also visited this place, it is believed that its one of the best place to learn Buddhism. Also here the famous Panchumahadeva temple was constructed in the era of Jagadguru "AdiShankaracharya". Only this reason is sufficient for a huge tourist flow but along with that the hills and caves specially 'Siddha Gumpha' that was used by Buddhist monks to stay and meditate and Dayana caves that is located in same hill, the engaging Hindu and Buddhist festivals such as Maghasaptami, Samba Dashami, Rathyatra, DandaYatra (April), Durga Puja, Kalipuja, Bolbam, Kartikapurnami, Mahasivaratri etc. and the Panjuria waterfall that is believed to carry medicinal properties are the strong reasons behind the huge tourist flow to this spot.

Odisha Tourism arranges all types of facilities for tourist, the accommodation, food and transportation facilities are good at this place, and the local people are very friendly by nature. So if you are searching an excellent tourist destination for your vacation then it may be a perfect destination for you.


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