Shopping in Odisha

If you are in Odisha (Orissa) on a holiday and want to go home with hoards of gifts for family and friends, do not worry at all. Opportunities galore here in the form of myriad craft forms of Odisha (Orissa).

You can choose mementoes and souvenirs from this treasure trove suiting your budget. And the choice can be made from the exquisite silver filigree work of Cuttack to the gaily wall hangings from Pipli, from the intricate paintings from Raghurajpur to the glorious hand woven fabrics from Sambalpur. Bring a sand sculpture from Puri or get a patta chitra, this gift is going to be cherished forever by the receiver owing to its magnificence. The markets of Odisha (Orissa) offer something for everyone.

The textiles having the Applique work on them really prove to be enchanting gifts. An ancient art form of Pipli region, this work has been adorning the garments and decorative pieces since ages. Awesome pieces of jewellery carved out by the filigree artists can be picked form Naya sarak or Balu Bazaar at Cuttack. Images of Gods and goddesses or animals and plants etc. can be picked up from Puri, Bargarh and Cuttack to be presented as small tokens of love top your friends.

All the Oriya craft forms are available in abundance in the local markets of its major cities. With these markets flooded with antique gift items, your shopping spree is well taken care of in Odisha (Orissa).

What to Buy in Bhubaneswar

Apart from its temples and copious historical attractions, Bhubaneswar is wadded with myriad shopping destinations and marketplaces that sells almost everything, right from local crafts to swanky souvenirs to interesting curios and lots more. The souvenirs of this place proudly showcases the rich artistic heritage of the land. Some of the most popular picks of the place that are worth splurging in are applique works, locally known as Chandua, sculptures of gods and goddesses, silk fabrics, 'ikat' weaves, handcrafted items and more. Bhubaneswar city has its fair share of swanky malls and street stalls. Though the malls and huge shopping centers are good for hanging out and browsing along, it's the quaint little stalls and well-maintained emporiums that remains mostly crowded. During the peak tourist seasons and warm evenings, the shopping places become jam-packed with foreigners and curios shoppers. Though Bhubaneswar can be visited round the year, the ideal time to hit this place is between October and February when the weather is more gratifying.

Shopping Places In Bhubaneswar

Utkalika, situated near Sahid Nagar, is a one-stop shop for buying genuine and exotic Orissa handicrafts and artifacts. A wide array of gorgeous and delicate looking products such as applique works, palm leaf engravings, stone carvings, tribal jewelries, pattachitras, masks and toys of papier mache can be found and purchased from here. The other popular handicraft emporiums to be visited in Bhubaneswar are Chakadola Handicrafts Co Op Society Ltd, UP State Handlooms Corporation, Orissa Handicrafts Corpn Ltd, Nibedite Beauty and Handicraft among others.

Mahalaxmi Textiles To buy silk and cotton textiles, head out to shops like Mahalakshmi Textiles that is stocked with interesting apparels. Both men and women can shop here for T shirts, saris, pants, salwar suits and other related items. Situated near Sambit Palace, Ashok Nagar, Mahalkashmi Textiles is open on all the days. Also, check out the other sari shops like Bindu Saree Shop, Gayatri Garment, Mahak Saree Collection and Mahalaxmi Saree Mahal.

Haryana Handloom that is located in Ashok Nagar is a must visit place for every shopaholic. Furnishing items like draperies, pillows, cushions, carpets, rugs, curtain clothes and lots more are on display here. Not just tourists, even local people often flock here to buy these items. What makes Haryana Handlooms different from other places is the unique design and quality of the fabric used in creating the products.

What to buy in Cuttack

Cuttack is a vibrant commercial centre which is situated on the delta created by the Kathjori and the Mahanadi rivers. The wonderful temples in Odisha (Orissa) brandish the superior engineering skills that the Orissans had.

Cuutack earlier called Abhinaba Baranasi Kataka was over the ages the capital of Odisha (Orissa). Due to its strategic position and fertile land Cuttack has always been a strategic position for trade and commerce. Tourists from all over come to this city for shopping and take home exquisite handlooms, handicrafts and silver filigree from the shops in Cuttack. Tourists at times get confused about What to buy in Cuttack Odisha (Orissa).

Odisha (Orissa) was well known in ancient times as the exporter of quality textiles to different parts of the civilized world. This art has stood the test of time and is one that is still continuing. These handloom saris are produced in the western part of the state of Odisha (Orissa). To be more specific they are produced in the districts of Sambalpur and Sonepur and hence are popularly called sambalpuri and sonepuri style of handloom fabrics. The traditional weavings of Maniabandhs are not as exclusive as that of the sambalpuris or the sonepuris; however you get traditional animal motiffs and some other patterns and designs typical of the Maniabandhis. Their saris comprise of both silk and cotton.

If the shopaholics are thinking What to buy in Cuttack (Orissa), then they can try out the Silver Filigree or "Tarakashi". It is one of the places in Cuttack which produces one of the best silver crafts. Ornaments like necklaces, ear pendants, brooches, anklets, hairpins, bangles and those worn by the Odissi dancers are some of the items manufactured. There are exquisite showpieces, utensils and Puja items also which find a very good global market.

If you are wondering What to buy in Cuttack Odisha (Orissa) then you must also go for some of the exquisite handicrafts that bear a tradition that is century old and speaks of a vibrant culture. Buddhism, Jainism, Shaivism and Vaishnavism have had their influences in this art form and it also adheres to strong tribal traditions. There are different variants like the Stone arts, Applique arts, Wooden paintings, Wooden carvings, Dhokra, Laquer arts, Paper Maiche Masks and Patta paintings.

Orissa Art And Craft

Orissa Art and Craft located near Panth Nivas, Lewis Road is good place to browse through the valuable collection of metallic works and silver filigree products that are locally known as Tarakashi. Usually, silver filigree products are tad bit expensive as they are made mostly from pure silver. Also, besides these, there are eye-catching applique works that are hot favorite among tourists.

Konark Wood Products

Konark Wood Products located in Acharya Vihar is filled with enticing wooden products such as wood sculptures, image of gods and goddesses, wood work of various animals like horses, elephants and peacocks etc.. Also, housed here are articles like toys masks, and carved boxes. These items are perfect for gifting your loved ones and make for perfect souvenirs.

Ekamra Haat

Ekamra Haat that can be found in the heart of the Bhubaneswar city is a great place to buy some authentic Orissa handicrafts like Patta Chitra, Sambalpuri Sari, Chandua of Pipli, sand art, metal work, stone carvings and many more. The ambience and surroundings near Ekamra Haat is interesting and a good place to hang around with friends. If you feel worn out after exhaustive shopping, there are food stalls lined up here that serve traditional foods like chakuli pitha, chhenna poda and mutton curry. Ekamra Haat (the craft village) is open on all the week-days from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Tour to Bhubaneswar will present you with the option of buying either decorative or utility items. Shopping in Bhubaneswar will be a fascinating experience for a tourist searching for traditional fabrics and curios. One can find many shops in Bhubaneswar; both privately run ones and the government-run Utkalika, from where you can buy souvenirs, which are among the admired items for shopping in Orissa.

Bhubaneswar is very famous for woven ikat fabrics, which can be purchased as readymade garments, fabric and saris. Applique worked fabric locally known, as Chandua is a typical Odisha (Orissa) handiwork. Sambalpuri silk and cotton, tussar silk and gold embroidery remains the favorite picks for every travelers. Especially women tourists find Bhubaneswar a paradise for shopping. The excellent cotton fabrics give you immense comfort without compromising with the style quotient. What to buy in Bhubaneswar can be little confusing with so many options!

While shopping in Bhubaneswar, you won't mind buying the exquisite metal ware-silver filigree jewelry or tarakash, unique metal sculptures and figurines known as dhokra. Bhubanehswar is also known for its beautiful woodwork items like lampshades, fruit baskets and jewelry boxes. Stone sculptures of gods and goddesses are also interesting buys and rightly solve the problem of Things to buy in Bhubaneswar India.

Shopping in Bhubaneswar is equally favored by the art collectors because Orissa boasts of traditional paintings like the patachitra, ganjapas and paintings on palm leaf done with etching. In Bhubaneswar, you shall also come across myriad type of seashells of all shapes. This coastal city specializes in decorative and utility items from seashells like mirrors, lampshades, tabletops, purses, jewelry boxes, fruit baskets and trays. These lovely items are included in the list of what to buy in Bhubaneswar and they make for some excellent Shopping in Bhubaneswar.

What to Buy in Puri

On a Tour to Puri, you can also look for exciting shopping opportunities. You must be surprised that in this renowned holy place of India what you will get. But don't be surprised because Shopping in Puri has become one of the favorite activities. All the tourists who embark on a Puri tour they make it a point to carry the specialty item of the city back home. If you are confused as to what to buy in Puri, India then please shed your worries. Puri has many exquisite things on offer for you.

Puri shops feature a vast collection of handicrafts. These are indeed the very exciting things to buy in Puri. This apart, as Puri is a noted beach destination so you will get a fascinating chance to buy shells and oyster items that are found in abundance on the pristine beaches. You can also choose from a wide range of utility products and decorative pieces in textiles.

You will get a good verity of traditional sarees here of which Passapali, Bomkai and ikat are preferred most. Sambalpuri saris are also available here.

If you are thinking apart from this what to buy in Puri then do check out the much talked about Palm leaf painting or Patta Chitra which is an exclusive craft of Odisha (Orissa). With these paintings, you can really transform the look of your home. The other things to buy in Puri are stone crafts and silver works.

All the items including silver filigrees including cigar boxes, jewelry, baskets and decorative trays, Horn Work, Pattachitra, metal ware, canopies, awnings and garden & beach umbrellas, stone bowls and plates of Khiching, stone statues, soapstone statuettes, silk and cotton handloom fabrics are available at emporiums, private outlets, bazaars and stalls in Puri. If you are an expert bargainer then you are sure to have full fun of shopping in Puri.

Shoping in Konark

Shopping in Konark can be fun and exciting, as it is known for its beautiful handicrafts, sculptures of Hindu Gods, paintings and various decorative items made of wood and stone.

The local markets of Konark are vivid and lively, having the traditional charm of an old city. There are local shops and government emporiums selling a wide range of products. You can buy skilfully embroidered umbrellas for gifting purposes.

The applique work of Pipli is well-known and the applique work lamps and wall hangings are worth buying from here. The emporiums sell various handicraft items, decorative products as well as traditional fabrics of Orissa. You may also like to buy miniature stone sculptures, seashells and conches as souvenirs to take back home from Konark.

Art lovers may like to check out the Patta paintings made on cloth canvas, which are a must buy for all shoppers. The artistically inclined people will find these paintings exquisite. You may also like to buy the ornamental items made of stone, woodcarvings and horn.


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