Bindusagar Pond

Bindusagar Tank is located in the right side of the Talabazar road leading from Kedargouri Chowk to Lingaraja Temple, Old Town, Bhubaneswar.It is now under the care and maintenance of Lingaraja Temple Administration. The tank is enclosed within a masonry embankment made of dressed laterite blocks. It is the largest water body of Bhubaneswar. All the rituals of Lord Lingarajaa are closely associated with this tank.


According to the local tradition, Siva and Parvati after their marriage came to Varanasi. But with the passage of time, Varanasi became a populated area. So Lord Siva and Parvati left Varanasi and looked for a new place. At last Siva and Parvati choose Ekamrakshetra as their abode when it was under the control of two demons Kirti and Vasa. Parvati killed the two demons by pressing them into the ground with her feet. That particular place became famous as Devi Padahara. After killing the demons Parvati felt very thirsty and to quench her thirst lord Siva struck his trident at this place, out of which a spring came out. The water was then sanctified by collecting the waters of all rivers, streams and ultimately took the shape of a large water body. Which is today known as Bindusagar.


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