Chaitra Parba

Chaitra Parba (April)

Chaitra Parba The 'Chaitra Parba' or Chhau Festival commences from 10th/11th April every year and continues for three days and concluding on 'Maha Vishuva sankranti Day' at Baripada. This is a festival of festival which is enjoyed by the people of th country and the enthusiasta from abroad.

Sitalasasthi (May-June)

The celebration of marriage ceremony of Lord Siva with Goddess Parvati starts with the untying of the wedding knot of the divine couple.Devotees act as their parents to perform the marriage ceremony.The bridegroom's procession populary known as 'Barat' starts from the 5th night of the bright half of Jyestha and the marriage is performed in the traditional manner.The festival can be best enjoyed at Sambalpur & Bhubaneswar.


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