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Konark the Famous World Heritage Site of India

Konark is a well-known tourist destination that tourist love the most to visit and spend time. Konark is too famous because of the great Sun Temple situated here. The Konark Sun temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; also it featured on the list of Seven Wonders of India. It’s the major tourist attraction in Odisha. As this temple is very nearer to capital city Bhubaneswar just 65 km distance and from another popular tourist destination Puri that is just 35 km away, so most of the tourist those Visit Konark, Puri or Bhubaneswar they like to book a package deal in which they explore various popular tourist destinations of Odisha in less budget. Most of the Hotels in Konark make available bus facilities for their guests for Konark Sun Temple Visit.

Popular Attractions in Konark for Tourist

This place is not less than heaven for tourist, in Konark there is small local market that is full of beautiful handmade handloom cloths those are beautifully designed with Odia epics, Konark Temple, Hindu Gods and other things.

Konark is a land of artist the Sun Temple’s extraordinary stone work and amazing architecture is the proof of it. Very beautiful stone statues made with stone and muds are available in local market of Konark that’s gives pleasure to tourist.

In Konark a stunning beach is present that the hot point among the tourist, almost all tourist those visit Konark they love to spend a relaxing afternoon and evening on the beach site. Couples and families or group of friends enjoy the special time and each other’s presence in the Konark Beach.

Konark Dance Festival and Konark Beach Festival are the very important occasions in which millions of people participate and enjoy the energy of Odia dance and culture.

Special Tour Packages in Konark

For Tour and Travel Konark Tourism offers special package deal for Puri and Konark Tour, popular temples and attractive places are combined together and a tour package is specially designed for Puri Tour and Konark Tour that favors tourist as well as tour service providers. Tourist enjoys various tourist places in less cost and tourism service providers get their earnings. So if you want to experience the beauty of Puri, Konark and any other beautiful place of Odisha then it’s the right time to visit Odisha.

How to Reach Konark

By Air

Bhubaneswar airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 64 km away from Konark. Bhubaneshwar is linked by frequent flights to numerous major cities India including Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad. From the airport one can get easy transport facility to reach Konark. Nearest Airport: Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar (46.7807).

By Railways

Puri, located at a distance of 31 km is the closest railway station to Konark. Puri is linked to all main cities in India. Pre-paid taxis and various other modes of transport facilities are available from the railway station to Konark that charge a very economical rate.

By Road

Konark is well linked to other cities through the Orissa State Public Transport buses. Private Volvo bus facilities are also available from Bhubaneshwar (66 km), Puri to Konark (36 km), Cuttack (80.5 km) and Gorakhnath (72 km). Public buses as well as state buses both cost a very minimum amount to reach the place. If you are thinking about the question how to reach Konark then roadways is the easy answer.

Distance Charts to Konark

  • Bhubaneswar to Konark 1 hour 16 mins-79.6 km
  • Cuttack to Konark 1 hour 10 mins-80.0 km
  • Puri to Konark 34 mins-35.4 km
  • Paradip to Konark 1 hour 50 mins-112 km
  • Kolkata to Konark 6 hours 55 mins-493 km
  • Gopalpur to Konark 3 hours 14 mins-206 km
  • Durg to Konark 9 hours 55 mins-665 km

Best time to visit Konark

Konark is a coastal town facing the deceptively calm waters of the Bay of Bengal. The town’s climate is typically tropical, with the cooling effect of the sea making the summer evenings more pleasant.

The summer months in Konark from March to May experience high humidity, and maximum temperatures touch almost 400 C. The south west monsoon lashes its shores in June, and rainfall continues till October, with July and August receiving the maximum. Temperatures fall to around 250 C during these months. The region is also prone to cyclonic conditions during the summer.

Winters in Konark are far more pleasant, with temperatures falling to 150C in December and January. The cool winds from the North North east and the bright clear days make winter the perfect time to plan a visit to Konark.

The best time to visit Konark is from September to March.

Events and Festivals in Konark

Konark Dance Festival: It is a five day classical dance festival conducted in the first week of the month in december. Eminent classical dancers from all over the country get together to pay tribute to the granite master piece that is the Sun temple. This classical dance extravaganza is a pure joy to behold. A handicraft and food fest is also put up during the Konark Dance festival. Serving a wide array of delicacies and a myriad variety of handicrafts, this mela makes the event festive thus making it a perfect venue for the entire family.

Magh Mela: January-February is striking with celebrations of Magh Mela. People celebrate this colorful mela with great zeal and joy.

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