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Almost synonymous with the concept of nobility, these tuskers have a great role in transporting wooden trunks, found in abundance at Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Being the assets of the woodland, these wild creatures are accompanied with many smaller animals adding to the list of animal species at Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Housing a wide array of flora and fauna, Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa is a favorite tourist destination for common travelers and avid nature lovers alike. You shall be enamored by the captivating beauty of its natural inhabitants.

Consisting mainly of Dogria Khond, a tribal section with shifting cultivation as their profession, Belghar Sanctuary, Orissa is visited by numerous people across the country. They live mainly on juice exuded by Salap and Dead palm, mixed with a little alcohol to enhance the savor. Watered by the natural streams, Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary is an apt locale for a short visit; enjoy the myriad manifestations of nature among these wild habitats.

Located in Tropical deciduous forest belt, Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary also boasts a wide collection of these plants, some rare and unique. They tend to shed their leaves during the spring time. Indian Wildlife Safari provides a wide range of jungle- tourism encouraging people to leave the humdrum of city life and get out for a fresh gulp of air.

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